Sperling L-1 Turntable…an ol’ story retold


This is one of my staple turntable that caught the attention of my audio Sifu or Teacher. Mr. Ng Cheong Bing was an analogue audio distributor for some years and has retired recently. He told me he wanted to have a good analogue source and asked me for recommendation. I invited him to come to my audio den to listen to some turntables and decide with his own ears. That he did!

He bought the Kronos Pro Turntable after he has heard it with the Kronos Super Charge Power Supply (SCPS). He testified that that analogue set up was a great leap in analogue audio. The dynamic, power, quietness and detail retrieval was unheard of (to say the least). His body was dancing to the tunes from that set up! Then, he added the order with the SCPS.

A few months later, my Sifu visited me again and heard the Sperling L-1 Turntable with the Acoustical System Aquilar tonearm from Germany and the Miyajima Kansai MC phono cartridge. He was mesmerized by the depth of the orchestra soundstage and the jet-black background. Musical instruments kept popping out and floated out from that jet-black soundstage. He knew then that he has to get one of that turntable…which he did!

Note: The above opinions were solely inspired by my Sifu