Technics SL1210GR Direct Drive Turntable has landed into our member’s home!


Our Robin Chung shared, “Am now listening a lot to my new Technics SL1210GR with SME309 & ZYX Omega into Sutherland PhD. Pitch & Timing flawless (speed sensor/ control tech drip Down from Blu ray players turning 2-3000 rpm! Not the Stone Age servo of the’70s) great with piano & other ‘struck’ instrutments (now playing Angerich: Chopin No1 ). But when compared with Koetsu Rosewood Std in Triplanar on PTP Lenco, the Triplanar- Koetsu beats 309-ZYX easily esp on female vocals like Tsai Ching & Dana Krall for ambience & emotiveness, even though Lenco speed subject to vagaries of our nominally 230V power!”

Thanks to his sharing that I am really interested in Direct Drive Turntable…hopefully I be able to hear the big Technics SP10R.