Skogrand Cable Markarian 421…My First Article in 2013


My first article and it was for Skogrand Markarian 421

Danon Han on his experience with SC and SCI Markarian 421: “I m getting improvement in all sonic aspects from my audio system through the Skogrand cables…sensuous and enveloping…delightful enjoyment…since the Skogrand cables came into my system, they reinvent my perception of what ultra end audio system can be. I used to be impressed and seek certain attributes of an audio component but not really a cumulative of those attributes and the result thereof. These cables show me that the cumulative attributes are as important as individual attribute. Now, I seek a different path or what impresses me. No more mere PRaT, dynamic, bass, slam, bang, detail, coherency, sound staging, airiness, separation, 3Dness, and etc, etc etc., but “Believability” that touches my soul.”
Danon Han Hong Den has a very competent setup indeed built on strong enthusiasm and finely honed skills.
In addition to his newly found love – the SC and SCI Markarian 421 it presently consists of the following components:
Source; a) Clearaudio Statement turntable and arm with ZYX Omega Gold cartridge, b) SME 30/2 turntable and SME V arm with Miyajima Kansui cartridge, c) TWA Raven AC-1 with Night Raven motor and Breuer tone arm with SoundSmith Strain Gauge cartridge and Graham Phantom arm with Koetsu Rosewood Platinum, d) Linn LP12 Lingo and Graham 2.2 arm with ZYX 4D Gold, e) Linn Klimax DS, f) phono stage Vitus Signature SP-102 (on loan), TWA Raven Phonostage, Tom Evans Groove Anniversary, g) pre amp; Audio Note M6 (UK), Spectral DMC 30SS, Gryphon Pandora (on loan), h) power amps; Gryphon Mephisto Solo, Audio Research 610T, Linn Klimax Solo, Rogue Audio Apollo monoblok, Audio Note Ongaku (UK), I) speakers; Eggleston Work Ivy Signature, JBL K2, Penaudio Charisma, Loth X, j) cables; MIT, Stein Music, XLO, Shunyata, AudioQuest, etc., etc.