TELOS AUDIO (TAIWAN) Latest Efforts…


The QAC (Quantum Active Cable) active power cord marks the 15th anniversary of technology of Telos.
It is the first-ever technology that utilizes the general power processor processes power and sends it through the power cord which is unique experience and it definitely amazes all of you.

The QAC includes that correct the direction of current flow and noise reduction、Schumann Resonance Generator 、the phase correction module 、conductor absolute directionality 、Quantum rare earth element 、special solder formula 、torque screwdriver screw locking and special connection which is added to enhance the effect of phase correction etc.


Real-time phase correction and noise reduction

The black box of QAC which includes a phase correction module and a Schumann wave module that is made of massive aluminum alloy and is cut by CNC.

The phase correction module is likely a concentrated essence version of the QNR quantum noise reduction device which will constantly detect the signal and find out 60 Hz to send the signal back. This will correct the phase in the right path and output the 60Hz sine wave.

Owing to the real-time phase correct, the effect is more straightly experience.

Special connection to gain more effectiveness

There are four wires in the QAC which contains liquid, fire and earth that connect from male plug to female jack and there is no cutting on this wire.

To insert the phase correction module via fire-female jack of 4th to connects male plug that creates more powerful effect of correction and make cable in the cycle situation.

The sound of Schumann Wave

The Schumann module is the product of research and development from the flagship model of QRC.

The Schumann module produces extremely low frequency of 8 Hz that utilizes it to correct the phase module and create smooth sound which is no any side effect.

The element principle of anterograde

All of the elements need to be in compliance the rules with Telos. We pursue that all of the resistance and non-polar capacitor are be installed in single direction.

To make sound with right phase that has no staticky.

Conductor absolute directionality

Most of wire are all indicated with directionality and Telos is serious about it.

The perfection sound is our target that we found the specific wire factory to collaborate with and is strictly with every wire that needs to be in one direction.

Finally, the four conductors: liquid、fire、earth all be set in the proper place just for sound.

Rare earth element and Far infrared material tuning

This unique technology is coming from the Quantum tuning paste of Telos. Utilize the rare earth element、negative ion mineral and far infrared material to enhance the
transmission efficiency for achieving the performance of sound.

The contrasting that the 11 Quantum minerals can be covered in QAC and make a handful of conductor exposed excellence.

The special solder formula

The SMD circuit board is produced by auto-machine that all reinforce soldering point by manual procedure.

With special formula: gold、silver and copper to reinforce the soldering point that make high frequency performs more excellent.

Torque screwdriver screw locking

The male plug and female jack all be screwed by auto-screwdriver that make the 3 metal layers : liquid、fire and earth be beard the same stress and all the wire of conductor of electrical impedance will be the same.

The above mentioned things are our goal that to give customers a special music experience.

Through the QAC, you will get what you want or exceed your imaginary.

The extreme low-frequency and low- frequency、the reverberation and the texture of music 、the sense of air, the background blackness, etc., all comes from QAC.


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