ASCENDO SMSG24 24″ Infrasonic Subwoofer at AV DESIGNS Sdn. Bhd (MALAYSIA)

James Tan of Audio Visual Designs Sdn. Bhd (MALAYSIA) promised me to be the first outside the company to experience their newly represented ASCENDO IMMERSIVE AUDIO ‘State of The Art’ Ultrasonic Subwoofers.

In addition to that Ultrasonic Subwoofer, the SMSG24 24″ 6000W (at RM60,000) they have brought in a few other models/products from that German company that specialise in Ultra End Home Theater (Commercial Theater) speakers and Subwoofers.

At that session, James took effort to explain the features and intricacies of the products available there from ASCENDO IMMERSIVE AUDIO. From what I could understand from James’ presentation, these products are very versatile…able to fit in any audio/AV setup, and able to emit and improve sound quality to the next level!

I will leave my impression of sound quality in the upcoming article…