The Grand Gryphon Kodo of Malaysia! (Part 1)


When one of the very Top Audiophile in the country allowed you to listen to his audio system…you jumped at the chance!

Mr.Koay is considered the country’s most prominent audiophile whom have owned (before) some of the very best audio products in the world…

He used to own flagship system and/or audio components from some truly Ultra End Audio Brands…

After some extensive exposure and experience with those Ultra branded audio products, he decided that the complete Gryphon Audio Flagship System is his ticket to Audio Nirvana!

His decision to that Gryphon Audio was not quick or impulsive…but, coupled with the attentive and fulfilling service by Reference Audio (Singapore)/ Rave Audio (Malaysia), the local distributor of Gryphon Audio, Jadis, CH Precision, TechDas, Genesis, Wilson Benesch, etc…that decision was made!

Seriously, an audio system at this price point required not a simple but extensive set up, commitment and after sales service by the local distributor and their team.
However, some audio manufacturers, even of the high end brands were not careful or meticulous with their final selection of representative(s)…they wanted the sales and not very much the responsibility of after sales services…sad indeed(?)

{Now, those High End Audio Manufacturers wonder why their sales have dropped?}

I was happy to see the satisfaction of Mr.Koay of his audio system and set up, ever since he shifted to the Gryphon Audio and their local representative.

I m no stranger to his audio systems since I knew him and his audio upgrades throughout almost a decade, therefore I consider myself in an appropriate position to share my opinions about his audio appetite.

Mr.Koay has been an audiophile after (mostly) vivid presentation of the human voice. He expected detail, both macro and micro, nuances, density, palpability, definition, delineation, coherency, separation, space, air and more, in the presentation of the human voice through his audio system.
He added that he is not demanding (right?) of his audio system…(gasps)

Therefore, the priority of his set up was supposed to be at the presentation of the human voice…or so we thought(?)


TK Han, the Head Honcho of Reference Audio has a different idea…why concentrate at the human voice alone when you can have more (so much more!)?


The Gryphon Audio Kodo Loudspeaker is a four towers speaker system with active and adjustable bass towers (not subwoofer) that can accommodate most sizable room.


The dimension of Mr.Koay’s audio room is 19’(W) x 28’ (D) x 11’ (H) which is suitable for the Kodo.


TK Han spent as many days as needed to position the Kodo four towers speaker to reach  a ‘desirable potential’ of audio performance.
In addition, he spent much time with Mr.Koay to share his audio experience, expectations and different genre of musics.

Mr. Koay testified that that ‘potential’ alone presented the most vivid presentation of the human voice,…full of emotion, life/strength, energy, etc…that he has ever heard thus far!

I would like to add that even the recorded musical instrument(s) was treated the same…vivid!
It was not just audible macro and micro details, the nuances in transient energy of the tone from different musical instrument clearly differentiated one from another.

Next, the soundscape, atmosphere and soundstage of a full orchestra was presented with proportion, dimension, scale and grandiosity…only next to the real deal!

Given the right recording, the dynamic, transient and energy (wow, pow and slam) were ‘to the roof of excitement’, but yet clean, defined and extended!

My recent visit proved that Mr.Koay’s musical taste has widened to cover Big Band/Bang, Jazz, Orchestral, Classical, etc…no more was he limited to the vocals.

More importantly, Mr.Koay is happy with his current audio set up and listening to more different genre of music…OBJECTIVE ACHIEVED BY ONLY THE BEST AUDIO SYSTEM!

“An incredible system! All components signed by my dear friend, Gryphon Founder and Designer Mr. Flemming Erik Rasmussen. What’s not to like!!!

Had the pleasure to meet the owner Mr. Koay and not at least getting to enjoy this unique Gryphon System on my last trip to Malaysia in company with Gryphon Distributor and Brand Ambassador Mr. TK Han.

Followed by a nice breakfast with Mr. Danon Han Hong Den the following day… A memorable trip”

…Rune Skov of Gryphon Audio, Denmark