Just Like Good Aged WINE…The JBL!

Here, I got myself invited to a seasoned but private audiophile, Uncle Wah.

It took some efforts to get into that audio room!

The audio system consisted a one of the kind tube mono amplifier built by Mr.Wong. According to him, it was loosely based on the design of Audio Research.

The tube preamplifier was the Audio Research LS-5.

The digital source was the CEC TL-2X CD Transport and the Bryston BDA-2 DAC.

The cables used throughout the set up were mostly DIY.

I did not notice any power treatment for the audio system…maybe I missed it. However, Uncle Wah did not point out any power treatment done(?)

The loudspeakers of his choice was the JBL 4343a. Obviously, he is a vintage audio enthusiast!

Upon entering his audio room, I noticed that there was a lot of work done to treat it. Uncle Wah whispered to me that all the wood works, renovation and extension were done by him…impressive.

I was even more impressed when my own voice was naturally rendered.

It proved that even though Uncle Wah was already of age but his audiophile ears were still sharp and his audio experience was not to be taken lightly! (not to mention his passion, dedication and commitment to the hobby).

Without further ado, as the music played, I noticed that the tonality of that audio set up in that room was pretty balanced: the mid to low bass was extended, the mid was fluid and sensuous, and the high was naturally extended.

I did not have much audio complain there. However, Uncle Wah was candid in sharing the weaknesses in his audio system’s presentation; detail, definition, delineation, palpability, separation, etc.

To me, I was more agreeable that the above were more of a wishlist.

We quickly identified and agreed that the weak links in that audio system were the aged CEC CD Transport and the DIY cables used…which would be upgraded!

I look forward to another invite!

Keep it up, Uncle Wah!