A Brutale Plunge into Pilium Audio?! (Part 3)

My third visit here proved somewhat different.

The audiophile Mr.Tee has progressed in his audio journey.

Now, he has the confidence, and know how to set up and tweak his Analogue set up that comprised of the Clearaudio Master Reference Turntable and Linear Tonearm.

After some set up efforts and tweaks by Tee, I was delighted with the result and impressed with his audio journey thus far.

Even though that Clearaudio Turntable was discontinued for sometimes, it’s performance was no way a slouch but formidable.

It was detail of good textures and layers, with soundstage of good depth, engaging dynamic, and deep bass…to say the least!

It was not over, next we moved on to some room tweaking.

We have some ‘wooden pieces of certain acoustical properties‘ placed at certain points in the room.

It was crucial as to where those were being place…

Tee even has a level accurate laser device for the job!

Then we realized the sound quality in the room was improved…darker soundstage, deeper depth, dimensional detail, more space between images/recorded musicians…etc

Therefore, we knew that there could be more play at the Focal Loudspeakers placement.

We played with that and found a better Loudspeakers placement that improved palpability, delineation and definition of the images.

Even the low bass was cleaner and deeper…

…we left that session with a smile!