I met MAGGIE in Singapore!

(Part 2 of 4 of Singapore Audio Trip June 2019)

My second stop at Singapore housed the first set of Magnaplanar’s flagship, The 30.7 which comprised of 4 planars.

The owner, Paul has been a fan of planar speakers for some time.

He just took delivery of that majestic planar speakers days ago…

With great honor and pleasure I was invited as part of the first group of guests to listen to them.

Paul emphasized that these planars have yet run it.

Looking at the set up and the meticulousness of the owner, I have every bit of confidence in him to bring out the very best of those new planars…

Upon hearing the first tone, my confidence was affirmed.

He started of with digital CD…

…and they sounded majestic, sweet and alluring to my ears.

There was no digititis here.

Maybe that was due to the tubes (equipments)…

…maybe it was due to the Bryston Regulator Transformers for stable voltage…

…maybe the room treatment?!

To me, I like to think ‘A Master At Work!’

Next, we have Paul played some vinyls through his Kronos Sparta Turntables.

I do not know any other audiophile whom owned 2 Kronos Sparta Turntables! (He must be a Kronos son?!)

Paul even got Kronos Singapore Distributor, Music Image to hand carry back the new SSC Sparta Power Supply from the recent Munich Hi End Show.

Being an updated analogue enthusiast, he bought the KL Audio Tangential Tonearm KD-ARM-AG12(inch equivalent) from Japan.

He is a BIG FAN of DS Audio Optical Phono System. He has 2 set of them!

There was a VIV Labs Magnetic Fluid 12” Tonearm too.

I recognized Paul’s full enthusiasm in analogue audio (it’s not just the investment and the meticulousness in the set up alone, but the level of sound quality achieved…read on).

The heart of the system was Tim de Paravicini’s EAR Yoshino flagship tube preamplifier EAR 912.

In short, the musical presentation was spacious, lustrous,…






…and atmospheric.

At the end, it got me thinking and learning…my journey to audio nirvana is still far from over?!