Absolute Audiophile of Singapore?!

(Part 3 of 4 of Singapore Audio Trip June 2019)

After listening to 2 audio set up, I was thirsty for a good cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Ben Chia, the owner of Absolute Sound Singapore invited us (Dr. Rashid, Seeva and me) to his house for that ‘cuppa’.

To my knowledge, Ben did not always invite anyone to his private domain.

He was considered a ‘private person’.

I was most curious as to how and what he listened to in his private audio set up…given that he was a musician too.

To add to my excitement, he promised us some ‘happiness’…

(Turned out)…which was some ‘serious listening’ to his audio set up that comprised of the Meridian Active Loudspeakers, The DSP8000…and a freshly brewed cup of coffee with sugar.

As expected, Ben played some ‘Rock’ tracks from Tidal…

…at around 112dB (peaked)!

Those Meridians really rocked my socks off!

I could not hear myself too!

There was no breakage, no distortion, no compression, and no other audible limitation even at peaked 112dB!

It was “A CRAZY TOE TAPPING, HEAD BANGING EXPERIENCE!”…and I wanted a pair for my living hall.

Oh yes…Ben did play his classical guitar for us!…and kept his promise of some ‘happiness’ for all of us…

Thanks Ben Chia.