ABSOLUTE SOUND of Singapore!

(Part 1 of 4 of Singapore Audio Trip June 2019)

It’s been some time now since I last visited The Absolute Sound’s headquarter in Singapore, the distributor of some serious audio brands such as FM Acoustics, Focal Loudspeakers, DCS, Boulder, Meridian, Stenheim Loudspeakers, Transrotor Turntable, Magnaplaner, Naim, and etc…

Ben Chia, the owner of the establishment, together with Seeva (Business Development Manager) decided to spend some time with yours truly before the upcoming audio show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (KLAV 2019).

Here, Ben has set up the Transrotor Artus Turntable with Micro Magic Altair Tonearm and the Clearaudio Goldfinger (traded in) MC Cartridge.

The electronics used were the FM 268 (preamplifier), FM 122 (phono stage) and the FM 1811 (stereo amplifier).

Before any serious listening, I asked Ben to explain the differences between the Transrotor Artus with the Clearaudio Statement Turntables.

The following were what I understood:-

Firstly, the Transrotor used 2 parts pendulum instead of 1 used in the Clearaudio for better distribution of weight and balance.

Secondly, the Transrotor used 3 motors instead of 1 used in the Clearaudio for speed stability and balance/level platter rotation.

Thirdly, the Transrotor’s 2 sub platters were attracted with opposing pole magnet for better attraction to avoid slippage, instead of Clearaudio’s used of same pole magnet.

Fourthly, the entire construction and assemblage of the Transrotor were well balance from the arm boards to the footers.

I am sure that there were other design differences between the two behemoth turntables…more info at their respective website.

After listening to Ben’s brief introduction, he started to play some analogue tunes.

The Loudspeakers used were the Stenheim Reference with external cross over.

Cables used throughout were from FM Acoustics.

In short, the presentation was transparent to time, timbre and energy.

The bass notes were clearly delineated, stout and timed.

Excitement was abound in the musical presentation!

Ben asked me to listen closely between the tracks…

I listened…

I answered him…there was nothing…so quiet and stable…that was the answer Ben expected.

He replied it was due to the Transrotor’s extremely low wow and flutter!

Next, Seeva have us listened to Lyn Stanley’s latest offering, “London with a Twist”.

I was floored by Lyn’s effort…her sultry ness never fail to impress any listener.

Then Dr. Rashid from my home country, Malaysia joined in the fun.

Both of us agreed with the musical presentation of that Ultra End set up…

…and realized that there be room to upgrade in our own system (when opportunity presents)…

…since FM Acoustics was about to launch their most ambitious product, The FM 2118 Mono Amplifier of 4 chassis configuration!

Good Luck to both of us?!