TECHNICS SP10R Direct Drive Turntable got a Plinth! (Part 3)

Finally, (Mr.) Robin Chung has the following to say about his plinth for the TECHNICS SP10R Direct Drive Turntable;

“Apart from above three [3] (the rather blurred album _Butterfly Lovers Concerto_ violin & piano) & those LPs of last night, I have also played

1) DeMeola & Les Paul _Spanish Eyes & Isahfan_ (electric & acoustic guitars, mando-cellos & castanets
2) Elvis Presley 50 Greatest Hits (some only)
3) Anna Netrebko _Opera Arias_
4) Tsai Ching _Gold Flakes Jin Pian Zi No1_
5) Ann Mutter _Carmen Fantasie_

With all the male & female vocals, Organ, Violin & piano, Ochestra including Chinese Drums & strings, & Guitars, feet stomping, clapping & castanets, thrown at it , I’m pleased to report that the plinth (crescent as the SDK 1000RC) came through with aplomb : bass as low as it gets & well controlled, plucked strings & percussion, explosive, with fast leading edges & controlled decay, sweet violins, good separation of Instrutments in orchestral passages…and, stable imagery. Of course, due in the main to the SP10R’s practically zero wow & flutter & noiseless operation ( & further probably,…well insulated inside the ‘black tub’).

But our Ipoh produced Mass CLD 77mm thick probably *does* good job of NOT transmitting airborne vibrations to arms & platter( I use DS Audio suction magnesium may & Oyaide Record weight). While the GAIA 2 footers (sitting on 20mm Acrylic platform on 4 6springs Discs of Silence) should prevent most Table top vibrations from reaching plinth. Our Plinth of 32mm aluminum, 25 Delrin & 20 Acrylic probably *comparable* in damping to Technics SL1000R’s plinth of diecast aluminum, bulk moulded compound (BMC) (rubber?) & 25mm aluminum top?!🤔
OMA’s iron plinth (webbed) probably another class but that’s 6 times the price, cost 8 times to transport & weighs 3 times.

Our Ipoh plinth CAN do, lah