TECHNICS SP10R Direct Drive Turntable got a Plinth! (Part 2)

After a few short days listening to this newly set up TECHNICS SP10R Direct Drive Turntable on his locally fabricated plinth with multiple tonearms, (Mr.) Robin Chung shared to us the following;-

“Played _*Sonic Fireworks* Crystal Clear Direct Cut_
Played with SPU A95 on T612 (titanium armtube & ABEC7 washed bearings) never had _Also Sprach Zarathrustra_, the opening tympani drumbeats & then Low Organ registers reproduced with such attack & control, fast leading edge & controlled decay. Organ rumble goes deep & then tailed off well under control.
Also passed the ‘Wife Test’ played her _Best of Engelbert Humperdinck_ (she went to his concert in ‘19 or ‘18) & _Elvis 50 Greatest Hits_. Feet tapping, her verdict: ‘sounds like the concert, & better than your other turntables, vocals well separated from 🎼 🎵 🎶 & Instrutments’ ”

” Playing this now, one of a variety of LPs I’m playing to test the SP10R! The foot stamping, hand clapping , castanets, & Spainish guitars such a test of realism of reproduction on TT when I remember visit to Flemenco Club in Toledo 2011 but haven’t clue what they yelling. Even my wife says sound ‘real’ 👍👏compared to the Club performance”.