NAIM DBL System Headed by KRONOS!

When I received the latest photo of this audio set up, I knew that I have to share it. An amazing shot of the audio set up and room. The few videos of the audio system playing that I have received were simply amazing.

The owner, Adrian Tan has taken much care in positioning the NAIM DBL loudspeaker to reach the desired sound quality from the KRONOS PRO LTD Turntable, KRONOS BLACK BEAUTY 12″Tonearm and the ZYX MC Cartridge.

He has purposefully purchased the NAIM FRAME Racks and the BRYSTON BIT 16AVR Isolated Transformer Power Conditioner since the coming of the KRONOS into his audio system.

His latest statement to me was, “I have to get use to the (New Standard) ‘MUSIC’“…