A Solid Audio Foundation (Part 2)

The last time I visited Mr.Lam’s audio system at IPOH, MALAYSIA, was centered around the MARTEN Loudspeaker and the AUDIO RESEARCH Tube Electronics. My recent visit there was an audio system that comprised of MAGICO Loudspeakers and VITUS AUDIO Solid State Electronics…huge differences.

What remained from previous system was the AUDIO RESEARCH Phonostage.

Is ALL about the BALANCE.

From the first track played, I knew that the audio system and set up were well into my taste and preferences. Everything that I desired from a balanced/ well set up audio system was there. Every note and its nuances were audible and in good form.

The right stuffs.

Nothing there sounded perturbed but ‘coherent and natural‘, as they should be in the natural course of how music flowed.

The KUZMA was the source of that day.

There was no exaggeration of any particular frequency…all sounded right and balanced; quantum, quality and time.

The KUZMA MC Cartridge at the Helm.

Eventhough the audio room was not that huge for the audio system concerned, the soundscape of the soundstage remained at good sizable proportion.

All the good stuffs at the back of the audio components.

Satisfied and Praised

That was easily ‘one of the best audio set up‘ that I have heard thus far…Kudo to Mr.Lam and friends for the job well done.