Audio Padawan

My recent audio trip to Ipoh, MALAYSIA brought me to a new audiophile. He likes to remain anonymous for the meantime (I respect his wish). However, after some persuasion, he agreed to the following post only.

The ROKSAN TMS MK.3 by Analogue Guru, Touraj Moghaddam (UK).

Upon Entering the Audio Den,

I was greeted by one of my favourite turntable, the ROKSAN TMS Mk.3 Turntable by Touraj Moghaddam (currently, the Head Honcho of VERTERE ACOUSTICS). He spun some vinyl records on it and immediately I understood why it was one of my favourite turntable,…the Pace, Rythm and Time (PRaT) were First Rate…and yes, my foot were tapping in flow with the music!

The ever classic BURMESTER 808 MK.5 Preamplifier.

The Glittering Electronics.

Next, I was taken in by the glittering chrome finished BURMESTER electronics that have managed to amazed me even after numerous encounters in a number of different combination of audio systems over the course of my audio journey. They did not only have the (good) looks and (good) build quality, but also good sound quality.

There were two (2) BURMESTER Amplifiers in Mono Configuration!

The Right Choice!

The accumulated audio system here was nothing short of top notch! I believed with the right guidance, our ‘Padawan’ (taken from STAR WARS’ Fictional Mythology) audiophile would soon be a ‘Master’ audiophile in no time.

The classic WADIA CD Player (discontinued).
The KRELL Digital to Analogue Converter (discontinued).