TAD M700S to amp up the Goosebumps?!

My recent surprise visit to AV DESIGNS SDN BHD was a bigger surprise for me than to their team. They were just finished unpacking and installing the newly arrived TAD M700S stereo amplifier from the land of the rising sun, Japan.

Both James Tan and Jo Ki were there to entertain me and my troupe to some music through the full TAD audio system. I was quite familiar with the other TAD components in that system, except the M700S.

WOW! Am I in for a Treat?!

After just a music track, I was given ‘Goosebumps’…after seven tracks of different genre of music; from vocal to percussion to Big Bang Drums, etc, I was gobsmacked!

The resolution of the TAD M700S was first class. The way each tone was presented not in two dimensions, but in three dimensions…and each tone not only ended with a lingering tail, but with multiple contrasting tones that went softer as they nearing the end. In other words, you are not just getting “tone-eee…” but “TONE-Tone-tone-eee…” (if the native recording has that material, of course).

Even though, the TAD M700S was but a 175 watt class AB stereo amplifier, if need be, was able to deliver massive amount or the ‘right’ amount of bottom end to rock your sofa…no ‘demanding materials’ would be disappointed here.

The soundscape and soundstage presented were nothing short of immersively impressive…and the images within them were intimate and ‘rightly’ immediate.

Only RM220K…

At my age in the audio hobby or journey, and after a brief listened to the TAD M700S, I could whole heartedly recommend the TAD M700S! (…at least give it a listen).