STUDIO brought HOME! (Part 1)

Our Seremban Audiophile, Adrian has upgraded his NAIM Audio System (remember the Open Door’s NAIM that Seremban System?) to a full PMC Active Loudspeakers System, the IB2S.

The rest of the system consisted of the analogue source, KRONOS REFERENCE SYSTEM, the Tube preamplifier INCITO S from ARIES CERAT, and digital source from ZIDOO NEO ALPHA.

The system, though installed for more than a month, was still in the stage of fine tuning. However, the recent listening session brought forth the following written impressions from a seasoned audiophile, Mr.Loo,


After many years of chasing the sound, today is really an eye-opener. Blessed ears. I was fortunate enough to taste a set of peerless audio that was deployed in a short period of time and made me feel extraordinary. In the first few songs, I can easily distinguish the super performance of replay restoration from this big thing. Because replaying the sound is not difficult to find the quality of the sound source recording, it is very rare. The sound and color can be described as going up the mountain of swords and going down the sea of ​​fire, and it can be triggered at the touch of a button and can move mountains and rivers to the world. But the strange thing is that the nature of this fierce momentum is not like the punch-to-flesh, heart-to-heart, lung-to-heart pressure that I have heard in my experience, but it has an infinite sense of surprise similar to the boundless sea that is enough to make me dizzy and fascinated. . The sound can be said to be super vigorous and loose explosive, not to forget the comfortable sound quality that fascinates me. The goodwill and harmony of the owner’s family run counter to the set of speakers in his hands that play superbly. Instead, I listened to it and felt proud of myself. Thank you Prince Furong (Seremban) for your congratulations and precious time today for making me have an unforgettable and happy trip to Furong (Seremban)” (Google Translated)

To me, my impression of the audio system’s sound quality was similar to a tuned studio system…transparent to the source, detail, dynamic, coherent, good PRaT, involving, intimate and entertaining. I left that listening session with a feeling of satisfaction.