“Nobody else comes close…?!” (Follow – Up)

Clarification on the article “Nobody else comes close…?!” by TK Han of YY SOUND SYSTEMS SDN BHD.

We sincerely thank Dato Danon Han for the earlier article of the same title. However, I believe that I have contributed to a copywriting and editorial error that may cause a misinterpretation of the statement: “Nobody else comes close…?!”. The statement was made in relation to the range of brands and equipment offered to our client during the acquisition process and for the excellent management of this installation by our partner, WTL Trading, Malacca.

The client admired the whole delivery and installation process and the result that was achieved on that day. Credit is due to WTL Trading’s Alban and Amy Wee for giving the client the positive experience and winning the client’s compliment.

I take personal responsibility for my judgment in this copywriting and editorial error. I apologize to the client and anyone that might have been affected by this contextual misjudgement and error.