Tube Amp sings with FALCON GOLD BADGE LS3/5A!

I have been listening to my 28 years old CONRAD JOHNSON PREMIER 11A Tube Amplifier pairing my FALCON GOLD BADGE LS3/5a, and am impressed with their seductive and kind of alluring sound characteristics/ coloration.

Of course the FALCON GOLD BADGE LS3/5a can’t portray the fundamental sound quality of a Behemoth Loudspeaker such as my GRYPHON KODO; energy, power, attack, transient, bountiful and deep bass, macro detail, micro detail, room filling soundscape, etc etc…

At a small fraction of the total cost of the Behemoth pair, GRYPHON KODO loudspeaker and the VITUS amplification, the lesser pair, CONRAD JOHNSON and FALCON pair does not have any particular one quality that exceed the Behemoth pair, but the sum of all their qualities amount to a sound quality that spell naturalness, musicality and enjoyment…”feel good eh”, that’s what I said to myself when hearing the lesser pair.