Ngoo has been an avid audiophile for some time now.

He did left the audio journey for a short while to pursue other interests.

Like any true music enthusiast and audiophile, he returns to our beloved audio journey.

He went up the Audio Ladder at a pretty fast pace then…

…thus, his audio set up remains formidable in sound quality!

All the guests that went to the listening session  were more than satisfied with its performance.

Some even confessed to me that the audio set up is set for life, in term of audio performance and quality!

According to them, the soundscape is huge and enveloping.

Timbre and texture of the each musical instrument is well and cleanly presented.

The entire presentation is quiet…

…therefore, every element is well delineated and separated,…

…as intended in the recording.

Unfortunately, I have missed the listening session,…

…however, I wish to be invited to listen to this fantastic audio set up again and wish him all the best in his audio pursuit…enjoy