Eva Klesse Quartett “Obenland”

I have heard this jazz group performed at my university, University of Malaya, a few years back! Then and there I bought this album as one of my Reference CD…is that good!

The following is taken from the review of Tombo Audio MP-05;

“My immediate test CD was the Eva Klesse Quartett “Obenland” (ENJ-9643), where I discovered their expansive soundstage to be more stable in height, width and depth. That stability contributed to a much darker and much quieter background. At the third track,”Descent and Resurface“, it was obvious to me that Robert Lucaciu‘s bass strings were clearerPhilip Frischkorn‘s piano keys were more distinctEvgeny Ring‘s sax was more stand-out and the lower bass from Eva Klesse‘s drums were tighter and more delineated.”