Simply JBL For Me?!

Next, in the realm of Vintage Audio Enthusiasts that I have the pleasure to meet, they seemed to like and own JBL speakers.

After some exposures with them, I could not blame them for liking their JBLs.

There were certain alluring attributes with them.

Especially their mid range, soft, luscious, bloomy, detail, meaty…just like a fluffy sponge cake…(in the better sense)

…or so I thought?!

Here, Chin Fatt Teng (the owner) managed his JBL 4333a Loudspeakers with the most sort after, the Audio Research SP-10 full tube preamplifier, the rarely seen (here) McIntosh MC30 tube amplifier in mono configuration and sourced with Studer D741 CD Player.

Here, I was treated with an aggressive and taut mid bass attack,…

…which was also fast and timely!

The detail was ‘modernly clean’ and defined.

I was surprised…(and I thought I was hearing a vintage audio set up!)

Another surprise was that the audio room was of square proportion…

…therefore, I should not be hearing what I was given.

Then I noticed there were ‘breaks’ in the square room, protruding pillar at the corners…

…which I believed dissipated the unwanted waves and even lessened the development of unwanted echo.

Thus, I was treated with naturally extended highs,…

…and quite balance tonality.

I left that listening session with ‘a pause’ to rethink my very own audio set up.

Another session of audio listening and another step upward in my audio journey.