A Designer’s Naim & Focal!

Kent is an Interior Designer by profession,…

…and by the looks of his residence, I will not hesitate to say he is good at his job!

He was generous with a welcome dinner for me and the accompanying audiophile.

After that sumptuous meal, we were treated with other feasts!

We were given a taste of his design work upon his own residence.

Then, Kent invited us upstair to his audio set up.

His audio set up consisted the following:-

Naim Nac282
Naim Hicap DR
Naim Nap250DR
LP12/Lingo 3/Ittok/Krystal
Linn Uphorik Phonostage
Naim NDX
Focal Sopra 2…

As usual, we played some tunes from the Digital Source then proceeded to the Analogue Source.

What surprised me there was the extension of the lower frequencies…

…that literally hit me all the way at the sofa!

The mid was also hard hitting, transparent and at the same time, luscious.

The higher frequencies were extended and energized.

We were not disappointed at the sound quality at all…

…but, Kent was hoping for more improvement in sound quality.

Not an easy task!

Adrian was with the accompanying audiophile and volunteered to look at the turntable set up.

He did some tweaks and fine adjustments that brought about better imaging!

However, Kent still wanted more,…therefore I have the Loudspeakers moved out and toe-in slightly that resulted a slightly defined soundstaging!

Kent still wanted more…

So, I have the racks curved up (as per the picture above)…which, believe it or not, the depth of the soundstage was deepened!

Kent still asked for more if there was any to offer?! I asked for something to be placed at the center, between the Loudspeakers…he got me a (ceramic) ‘hamster’(?!)

Later, Kent swapped that ‘hamster’ to a ‘Selangor Pewter’ (the brand) “Bear Brick”…which he testified the center image was more palpable and defined!

In our audio journey…the destination is in the Audiophile…enjoy