FM Acoustics and LS 3/5a, a match made in audio heaven?! (Part 2 with Western Electric 124)

Mr. Loo from that previous set up that comprised of FM Acoustics electronics, LS 3/5a Speakers, etc has invited me for another listening session.

He wished to introduce to me his prized Western Electric 124 tube amplifier (in Mono configuration). He believed that the original WE 124 tube amplifier would enlighten me.

I knew from previous experience how transparent Loo’s audio set up be and without a doubt that set up would highlight the tonality of the WE 124.

Yes, I heard with my own ears how relevant those tube amplifiers were and understood why till today, there were followers that would pay top ringgit for them.

Loo decided to use the same pre amplifier FM 155 as previously used to draw reference.

Firstly, the WE 124 was as quiet and low noise as any modern tube amplifier.

Secondly, their transparency was as competitive as the famed FM 108 Mono amplifier (Mind you, those FM 108 were damn quiet!).

Thirdly, those WE 124 were dynamic with each low frequency notes clearly delineated and controlled (that you do not hear often!).

Fourthly, the mid range was seductive, mesmerizing and ‘naughtily sexy’…(you just can’t pull yourself out…).

To me, that 2 hours of listening was a “candy session”…and I am ready for more…