A Brutale Plunge into Pilium Audio?! (Part 2)


After the delivery and first impression from that newly set up Pilium Audio Brutale range Ares preamplifier and Achilles stereo  amplifier, I knew that a return trip would be soon.

That audio system was truly quiet with noise level that was eerily low.

Therefore it’s transparency was top notch!

Now that the Pilium Audio electronics were settled in and that the placement of the Focal Scala Utopia Loudspeakers were more or less finalized…it’s time for some serious listening!

That audio set up was very rich in detail, deep soundstage, energized, dynamic, clear imaging and refined highs.

Imagine that that set up was able to portray a life sized diva (eg: Claire Martin) with all her presence, depth and breath in front of a life sized grand piano played behind an eerily quiet background…spooky…most enjoyable!

Straighaway any listener would recognize that set up’s sound presentation as ‘Artisanal’.