FELIKS and FALCON soar high at AV DESIGNS!

Now that Malaysia is opening its borders to some countries in the world, we audiophile (getting braver) also start visiting the local audio boutiques. Here, we stopped by AV DESIGNS Sdn. Bhd. to witness the latest laser video projectors from JVC (JAPAN)…they are ‘stunning, detail and brilliant!’.

At the stereo scene, we get to enjoy their latest offerings, the FELIKS AUDIO (POLAND) and the FALCON ACOUSTICS LS3/5a Gold Badge Maida Vale Limited Edition loudspeakers.


The couple of both FELIKS AUDIO ARIOSO 300B Tube Integrated Amplifier and that FALCON ACOUSTICS resulted in a ‘mesmerising and yet, an honest musical presentation’. An accompanying fellow audiophile there exclaimed that the sound quality was ‘above expectation’…different from what to be expected from the loudspeakers (in the positive sense).

I think the credit should also be given to the ARIOSO 300B Integrated Amplifier that came from FELIKS AUDIO from POLAND, a Boutique Audio Manufacturer with the ‘unique know-how‘ to wind their own transformers and, to build bespoke audio system for specific requirements…and being around for 20 years.

After more than 4 hours of good hosting, great visual and wonderful audio by AV DESIGNS’, James Tan and Joki, I found myself still wanting more…