STREET FIGHTER 2 The Animated Movie Soundtrack.

The following was taken from my review of the Falcon LS 3/5a Gold Badge mini monitors;
“I played an ol’ CD soundtrack from Street Fighters 2 The Animated Movie ( Q Sound/ Sony Records SRCL 2937) where I found the vocal of Miss. Ryoko Shinohara at “Itoshisa to Setsunasa to Kokoro Tsuyosa to” (track 5) reminded me of the same sensually captivating experience I got from the same playing with the B&W Silver Signature monitor speakers with the Mark Levinson 20.6 class A mono amplifiers. The Falcon brought back a very familiar voice/quality that pushed me into the hobby then,…like more than 20 years ago!
To me, what was captivating was the layer of bloom at the vocalization that rounded up the edges of each word in the lyrics. The transition from each word to another in the lyrics was ever so smooth. It showcased the talent and artistry of Miss. Shinohara to carry through the entire line of the lyric with the ease of a single breath…also reminded me of how young she was then (and myself?!).
Equally impressive, I found Miss. Shinohara voice was not drown by the heavy electronic instruments at “GooD-LucK” (track 12). Her presentation and vocalization remained coherent, independent and palpable…and sensually sweet”.