ECHOLE ‘Obsession’ Power Cord, audibly more to enjoy!

(Mr.) Andrew Saw was presented (by James Chin of YL AUDIO) an ECHOLE ‘Obsession’ Power Cord, for home trial. The following was his testimony,

“Me wifey’s calling me for lunch else she’ll be late for her appointment with the hairdresser yet here I am rooted to my sofa begging her for one more song. This is how good the Echole Obsession power cord is. Compared back to back wih my Gryphon VIP series, the Echole is quieter, had more resolution yet the top end is smoother without losing the air or the bite on strings. It sounded effortless and natural allowing you to listen for longer periods and at higher volumes without inducing any listening fatigue. Argento Audio likes to call this sound quality experience, “The Flow”.

The increased resolution allowed instrumentation to exhibit more texture and shape and also increased the soundstage depth. And this is from Echole’s lowest power cable in the range. Perhaps the synergy with my Echole Obsession speaker cables? People said cables are tone control but this is dead neutral. You just hear more everywhere instead of just certain frequencies being accentuated. Now measure this.

Downsides? Well like all Echole products, the cost. And the plastic Oyaide power plug and IEC looks lowgrade for a high end product”.