TORUS POWER IS vs. FURUTECH DAYTONA, which better to treat your power?!

Just recently, two members were concerned about the quality of the incoming power to their audio system.

We talked about it…

Chance came about that two power conditioners were available in the used market, a FURUTECH DAYTONA (discontinued) and a TORUS POWER IS Isolation Power Line conditioners.

Both power conditioners utilizes very different technologies to clean up the incoming power supply.

As the lock down due to the Covid 19 pandemic continues, I am unable to visit their respective audio system to listen to the differences in audio performance from the respective conditioner.

Therefore, the following were what I gathered from them…

Both conditioners contributed a quieter and more stable background…and that the TORUS POWER IS added a blacker background.

Details became more apparent and vivid.

Mid bass attack was more defined, delineated, dimensional and articulated…even its quantity was increased but in controlled.

It was admitted that the FURUTECH DAYTONA has its advantages over the extreme highs and lows.

Ultimately, both owners admitted the importance of having the power conditioner in any audio system.