A Truer Way To Listen…Tannoy Westminster Royal?!

NAGRA PLP LINE STAGE and the Proceed CDP are on active duty in this audio system, belonging to one, Mr.Lee.

Mr.Lee is one of the local well known collector of the famed British Mini Monitor, The LS3/5a. Readers may have remembered that I have visited his audio set up that centered on his LS3/5a.

This time around, the visit is not by me but by another audiophile who stay near Mr.Lee’s residence.

Here, he uses the Audio master 11a tube amplifier of 25W to drive the Tannoy Westminster Royal. I was told that the outcome was a “very refined presentation, even though the loudspeakers looked huge”.

The audiophile guest added that other than refinement, it was “a natural presentation, and with deep bass response”.

This system is definitely in my List To Visit once the CMCO (Conditional Movement Control Order) is lifted.

Well done Mr.Lee!