Difference between an Audiophile and an Audio Technician’s Set Up?!

(Immedia RPM 2 Turntable)

I was curious to know how an electronically learned person set up his audio system.

(Clearaudio Insider MC Phono Cartridge)

The owner of the above audio set up is Mr.Gan of Ipoh.

(ARB Tonearm)

He is well known in his local audiophile community as the Go-To Technician.

(BMC CD Transport)

His invitation to me and the accompanying audiophile in the recent audio road trip to Ipoh was received with great enthusiasm.

I thought my curiosity was mine alone. Apparently, the rest have the same curiosity.


Mr.Gan greeted us with a big warm welcome!

(BMC Preamplifier)

He hinted to us that he has some questions for all of us common audiophile (maybe, Mr.Gan was curious of us as we were curious of him?).

(KLIMO tube phonostage)

We chatted…asked and answered…satisfied.

(Lenco L75 Turntable)

There were exchanges of ideas of how best to improve sound quality, cleaner electrical transfer, better signal conduit, room acoustics, speaker placement to couple to the audio space/room, etc…(turned out the conversation was just like with any good audiophile, but with some added ‘spices’ of technicalities).

Let’s put those conversations to the test…began the music-playing!

(BMC Stereo Power Amplifier)

At first instance, the tonal balance was clean.

There was no hint of exaggeration at any particular frequency. In other word, there was no artificial extension of the bass and highs, and no added coloration to the mids.

(HECO Statement Loudspeakers)

Some may deemed such tonality as clinical and even ‘life-less’…or even ‘boring’(?!).

To me, I begged to differ, it was a form of purity and honesty. A taste of native-ness to the source material.

Here, the low, mid and high frequencies were well segregated but not detached. Therefore, coherency was maintained and presented.

The magic of such tonality was in the micro and nuances of details.

I appreciated Mr.Gan’s meticulousness to achieve such level of transparency to detail that only audiophile would strive.

Another listening session is what I hope for from Mr.Gan…Many thanks.