Our Most Ambitious Audiophile?!


James Chin is the most ambitious audiophile that I know till date…Why?!



He was a BIG FAN of car audio! He started with some serious audio gears in his car and those cost more than the car itself!

He designed some serious car speakers and they filled up the space therein.

Later, he found that he have about enough of car audio. Thereafter, he pursued the new territory of audio (to him) which was the ‘home audio’.



He started to design and build some Loudspeakers using the know-how gathered from his ‘car audio’ days.



After some serious try outs, experimentations, and even more serious investment, James designed and built a massive 4 towers Loudspeakers which he branded “Ocean Five” and designated the model “The Pacific” (which I would write a review shortly).



His audio ambition continued with him setting up YL Audio (Malaysia) to distribute some serious audio gears from Kronos Audio, Absolare Audio, Echole Cables, Skogrand Cables, etc.

He has even bought over his neighbor’s house just to set up a sizable audio room!



I asked James to ‘Open (his audio) Door’ for an article in analoguefellowship.com which he gladly obliged.



In short, I was greatly entertained by the presentation of his audio system:-

Equipment List
Analogue Source:
Kronos Complete Analogue Solution:
Kronos Limited Edition Pro Turntable
Kronos SCPS1 Powersupply
Kronos Reference Phono Amplifier
Black Beauty Tonearm
ZYX Universe Premium Cartridge
Absolare Altius Preamplifier
Absolare Altius 845 SET Monoblock Amplifier
Magnet Hyperion Amplifier x 2nos
Active Xover
Ocean Five “Pacific Reference” Speakers
Combination of Echole LE Cables, Skogrand Tchaikosky and Wagner Cables
Power Conditioning:
Frank Power Line Management, PLM-5500VA
Frank Power Bank, PB 15000WS x 8nos.



James decided to have a lightly treated audio room eventhough such room would present some acoustical problems.

Reason being…so that he could harness the ‘liveliness’ and ‘energy’ for the presentation (to me…tricky!).



Here, James showcased his art and skill in loudspeakers positioning, seating positioning and materials tweaks.



Well, to me, he did pull up some neat tricks…a presentation that was “atmospherically spacious” with depth, width and height.

The imaging was there and well spaced.

The detailing was first class, as could be expected from an ultra end audio system.

The tonality was clean without any overlapping and cloudiness.



At the end of the listening session, the invited guests and I were proud of James’ achievement.