FCUK LABS (rebranded as “KENKRAFT LABS) Super Clarity Speaker Cable may be the cable to start with?!

FCUK LABS (Indonesia) Super Clarity Speaker Cable

Master Kenneth Lin, the Founder of FCUK LABS from Indonesia, offered me to review his entry level speaker cable, the “Super Clarity” (of 3 meters pair, retail at US$422-00). According to FCUK LABS website, the cable’s conductor material is of ‘Avionic Grade Silver’ (interesting). In addition, the design of this cable ensued ‘low dielectric and ultra low inductance to ensure complete transparency’. Finally, the main slogan of the company is “NO COMPROMISE SOUND QUALITY”.
Off topic, from Master Lin’s Facebook account, I realized he is into a number of disciplines, most prominently in martial art, the Black Flag Wing Chun and that he is a Grand Master at it!
Therefore, could we expect ‘Grand Mastership Quality’ from FCUK LABS product?!
I think so since all current FCUK LABS cables are being hand made and all connectors are being crimped at the decided proper pressure, in house under the direct tutelage and supervision of the Grand Master himself!
Immediately After Hooked-Up!
I connected the Super Clarity speaker cables from the Vitus Masterpiece MP-M201 mono block amplifiers to the Gryphon Audio Kodo Loudspeakers.
I noticed that the musical presentation was slightly louder than the resident speaker cables, Skogrand Beethoven(of similar 3 meters pair and reviewed here too). I have to lower the volume level at my preamplifier, the FM Acoustics 268C.
On top of the above, after about (only) a few hours into play, I still found the presentation to be brighter than the well ran in Skogrand Beethoven. Equally, the tonality and bass were not as natural and dimensional as could be expected from a well ran in cables (of course, there are cables designed with such characteristics…I hope that is not the case with the Super Clarity).
However, there was clear indication that its transparency to ‘main details’ was of first class. Whatever the ‘main details’ that I got to hear from the other ultra expensive cables, I got them through the Super Clarity.
If I may, I would add that the ‘main details’ were presented slightly more prominent and forward, comparatively. There was slight emphasis at certain frequencies from the mid high onwards. I noticed that created the above mentioned emphasis when a tone (from the human voice or musical instruments) fell into the affected frequencies.
(Not) Finally!
More hours into the listening, I found my feet started to tap and my body started to flow with the music… there must be something right here…right?!
Recently, FCUK LABS has been rebranded as KENKRAFT LABS, without any change of management, ownership, design, etc