DS Master 1 entered Ipoh, Malaysia


Our Daimler was invited by Mr. Ooi from Ipoh, Malaysia, the owner of the audio system in question.

I asked Daimler for a first impression of the audio system with the DS Master 1, Optical Phono System, as part of its analogue source.

The following was his assertion;

“DS Audio… My first assumption….. Optical??? Must be lean and fast, maybe digital sounding?.. Nelson, put on a Chinese vocal without knowing my assumptions… I thought, this is where I’m going to find a lot of faults… My God, I was wrong…. It was presented with crisp sounds, the singer sang with 150%enthusiasm…Full of emotions, vocals with good decay(which amazed me a lot for an optical) , with a wide soundstage, precise instrument placing….and most important, very analogue (not digital as I expected)… I couldn’t be more wrong!!! If I hv not bought my phono stages, conventional cartridges…. I will drive to KL to get myself a unit… Maybe start with the 20k system (cart+phono) ..where Nelson told is upgradable to higher models where the manufacturer will accept trade ins…. A highly recommended package especially for those who just bought Kronos like the Seremban Taikoh Adrian!!!”

“Other lps played…. Salena Jones JVC… 😘😘😘😘, classical… 😍😍😍“

Ultimately, the DS Master 1 has impressed Daimler and the other guests.

Thank you, Mr. Ooi for the exposure.

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