TechDAS AIRFORCE ZERO Ultra Statement Turntable from Japan!


The team headed by TK Han of Reference Audio (Singapore), and Rave Audio (Malaysia), the distributor of the brand TechDAS from STELLA INC. Japan were honored with the invitation to audition the AIR FORCE ZERO Turntable in Japan.

It’s design and engineering feat were the culmulative experience and know-how of Hideaki Nishikawa (of Micro-Seiki SX-8000), with the current available high end materials and current state of the art engineering.

“This was an earlier internet photo.. AIRFORCE ZERO probably during a concept evaluation stage. Only the platter assembly on the Air Bearing module was shown” (TK Han of Reference Audio, Singapore and Rave Audio, Malaysia)

“This is final product as at 1300hr 16 March 2019 at Tokyo” (TK Han).

“The Motor Unit, also with Air Bearing so no metal contact more noise reduction and higher speed accuracy and control” (TK Han).

TK Han with Nishikawa San (TechDAS) and the Reference Audio (Singapore) team.

“General arrangement of components on AIRFORCE ZERO. Note the 118kg, 5-layered, 12″ stack of Platter Assembly” (TK Han) .

“Arm Bases are 2 piece assemblies, with titanium and tungsten options” (TK Han).

Specification Sheet of the TechDAS AIRFORCE  ZERO.

“Active Pneumatic Suspension and main support base of stainless steel” (TK Han).

Reference Audio, Singapore planned to hold an event to showcase the TechDAS AIRFORCE ZERO Turntable at Singapore in the coming months. love and encourage Reference Audio, Singapore, TK Han and Nishikawa San to bring the behemoth AIRFORCE ZERO Turntable to our Malaysian shore for some spins. 

Who knows? Someone in Malaysia may have a keen interest to buy it already?!