An Audio System to come home to?!


Dr. Khairul ‘Open’(ed) his private ‘Door’ for me to listen to his audio set up that have taken years to build.

That sight alone inspired and encouraged the audiophile heart in me.

The audio system consisted the Cessaro Horn Acoustics Loudspeakers, Engstrom & Engstrom Tube electronics, Zanden Phonostage, Tripoint Grounding System, Skogrand Cables, Frank Acoustics Power Management, JMF Power Distributor, Dalby Audio Designs Power Cords, and Kronos Pro LE Turntable as source.

I asked the Doc, what was the drive to own an ultra end audio system? What’s the feeling of it all?

He replied instantaneously, “I want to come back home to my family and my music”.

“…music inspired and moved me…in creativity”

“…I wish to expose my children to music,…they may get inspired and moved too”.

I agreed with the Doc, music does inspire and move the listener.

After the first song through that audio system, I understood why any owner of such music system would want to come home to. 

The tonality was pure and natural. It made me forgot what technologies were playing the music. I was not hearing tube or horn or cables…it was just “music”!

Big and imposing the Horn loudspeakers were but they disappeared in the midst of the musical presentation. Now that was not an easy trick to pull…bravo to the Doc!

Any musical genre was easily playable through that audio system and any listener would not leave wanting!

It’s bass was linear all the way with revealing details at the low frequencies as clear as the higher frequencies.

Therefore, that audio system was able to present the full bandwidth of any musical instrument, and with clarity and accuracy.

Louis Desjardins of Kronos Audio whom have installed and demo the Kronos Pro LE Turntable and Black Beauty 12” Tonearm there, remarked that that audio system was able to present ‘a walk through soundstage’.

I believed that a walk through soundstage meant a well spaced soundstage with palpable images of musicians well separated…that’s the spade of that audio system!

I believed that the audio system was quiet and very transparent…

That minute nuances were clearly presented!

It’s an audio system of refinement, intricacies and alluring flavor. 

It’s a tasteful audio set up of high quality!

I already got myself invited for more visits to that audio system…that’s how enticing the experience was…enjoy