Pilium Audio reaches Divinity?!

Pilium Audio Divine Achilles Stereo Amplifier 

Pilium Audio do not shy away from a challenge. About a year ago, they asked me if I be interested to do a review for their Brutale Ares preamplifier and Brutale Achilles stereo amplifier. After seeing the pictures of their products, I knew they are serious audio company. Therefore, I quickly said yes. I did not regret that decision.

After the initial hearing of their Brutale pre and power, I suggested to them to design and build even bigger and better audio components. I was so impressed with the Brutale combo that my curiosity pushed me to that suggestion. Luckily for me, the team at Pilium Audio hinted that they already have that in mind and in the pipeline!

Here, we have Pilium Audio Divine range of products to represent their “Ultimate Endeavors”…they believe that their customers cannot ask for more?! (They are serious!)

Pilium Audio Divine Alexander Preamplifier 

Pilium Audio Divine Ares Preamplifier