(Mr.)Tan’s Slam Bang with FRANK ACOUSTICS!

FRANK ACOUSTICS have been designing and manufacturing audio components and loudspeakers/ subwoofers since 1998. Their products have proven themselves at performance and build quality, even fit for an Ultra End Audio System (personally I bought and used some of them). Thus, most of the local audiophile and some audiophile abroad that I knew, used their products…especially their well proven Power Bank PB 15000Ws, and Ultra Bank UB 25000Ws.

FRANK ACOUSTICS Power Treatments at the left floor!

Lately, the team at FRANK ACOUSTICS saw the market trends toward subwoofers,…how they were used to compliment existing speakers (especially the smaller speaker such as mini monitors). Instead of upgrading the mini monitors to a bigger loudspeaker, the audiophile could easily add subwoofers to the existing mini monitors to transform them to a loudspeakers,…thus born the FRANK ACOUSTICS AB-2 TOWER SUBWOOFERS.

The Schematics of the FRANK ACOUSTICS AB-2 TOWER SUBWOOFER showed that it could accommodate the BBC LS3/5a mini monitors or any monitor of approximate dimensions.

Each Tower Subwoofer consisted of three sections/ cabinets; two cabinets (top and bottom) housed the 9″ (150W) Scanspeak woofer driver working at different cut off frequency and, the middle cabinet housed the rear firing ambiance 1″ super tweeter (3KHz to 25KHz) which volume was adjustable, and the mini monitor of your choice. The AB-2 TOWER SUBWOOFERS were rated at 89dB and 4 Ohm sensitivity, weighed around 95 Kg per Tower Subwoofer, and at the dimension of 12″W x 78″H x 18″D .



(Mr.) Frankie the Head Honcho of FRANK ACOUSTICS, and (Mr.) Tan, a seasoned AV enthusiast cum audiophile and the owner of a pair of FRANK ACOUSTICS AB-2, invited me to have a listen to the Subwoofer Towers together with the FRANK ACOUSTICS FV-5 mini MONITORS (optional).

FRANK ACOUSTICS FV-5 Mini Monitor at the belly of the beast!

Here, it was my second time listening to those Towers Subwoofers (but previously coupled with different pair of mini monitors; FALCON BBC LS3/5a), and yet they could ‘still surprised‘ me with their performances.

Firstly, the FRANK ACOUSTICS AB-2 TOWER SUBWOOFERS were not only able to seamlessly coupled with the mini monitors but with (Mr.) Tan’s living room. The entire loudspeaker system ‘worked as one‘ and ‘disappeared‘ in that living room.

The audio components were treated with branded cables from FURUTECH, AUDIOQUEST, WESTERN ELECTRIC, and HARMONIX footers.

Secondly, I was amazed with the soundstage that has the soundscape over and beyond the boundaries of that living room…not just the bass drivers but also the rear firing ambiance super tweeter worked their charm.

WESTERN ELECTRIC 91A20 Transformer in between the digital source and the integrated amplifier.

Thirdly, the background was dead quiet, allowing minute detail to be easily audible.

GPS disciplined clock 10MHz to improve the accuracy of the digital source.

Fourthly, the dynamic and power delivery of the entire audio system was equal to a behemoth loudspeakers of that size and weight.

DEVIALET D200 Integrated Amplifier, the muscle of the audio system!


Finally, I realised that the total cost of that audio system was not astronomical but its audio quality and audio performance were ‘there’…WHAT A BARGAIN!