Clear Wave Ahead! (Part 3)

This time around, I got to listen to the audio set up together with some seasoned audiophile.

The following was a written review from Joseph Ki (of the famed collector of LS3/5A),“…listening to it live is of course better than a portable recording. This time Lu Da’s focus is on the low frequency, increasing its energy and then controlling it.

The way to do this is to turn the speaker off. When the speaker width increases, in addition to the sound formed by the left and right speaker chips, the effect of the front wall bounce will also increase significantly.

The overall performance is brighter and more transparent than before (opening the speaker effect), the bass is clearer than before, and the energy is also increased (the front wall bounces).

If you listen carefully, you can comprehend the tendency of this tuning method to sound. You can distinguish between true and false, or you can be amazed! It depends on how you listen to it.

In terms of sound, Lu Da is a step forward, and it is the only way to go. It is an important and crucial point. In the future, he will not accept a sound level lower than the current one, so he deserves congratulations”.