First off, I declared myself a fan of LYN STANLEY’s endeavour, singing and performances. Some years back, I met her in EAR’s exhibition room at MUNICH HIGH END. She signed the vinyl albums I bought from her…since then, we have stayed in touch at the social network.


Up till now, her works have been steadily improving to the taste of her growing number of fans around the world, especially the audiophile world. Her JAZZ MAVERICKS were well selected musicians that could literally stand alone in any given performance.

Expect unparalleled sound quality in multiple sound formats. Here, I listened to it  with my LYNGDORF M60 AV Processor in multi channels, and then with my AUDIO NOTE M10S Tube Line Stage in stereo. Video projection was with the SONY VPL-VW870ES 4K LASER PROJECTOR from a PIONEER UDP-LX500 4K BLU RAY Player.

Literally, I was transported to the recording venue by the sound quality…the presence, weight, energy, and dynamic were palpable and quantifiable…as if I was there, with my body, hit by wave after wave of “live-quality” musicality.

The micro and macro details with all the nuances were clearly and delightfully audible…never harshly highlighted (which I like in any given recording) …presented the naturalness thus realism to the instruments used by the musicians.

At the end, I realised that it was treated a treat of High End Performances by LYN STANLEY and her JAZZ MAVERICKS, in a High End Audiophile Package…that have thrilled me again and again…“A MUST TO HAVE!”