This is an album that I can play again…jazzing up the audiophile and music mood.

It is so well played and recorded that anyone can find enjoyment here…

The following is taken from the Nasotec VEM Clamp review,

“Next, I play on the same turntable, Joe Henderson “Our Thing” (Blue Note ST-84152/ Music Matters MMBST-84152). Again, the effect of with and without the VEM clamp is immediate. Before the VEM clamp is introduced, the whole presentation, good as it is, sounds slightly vague in comparison (only). The funny thing about audio is that until the listener/audiophile hears something better, the current(/previous) set up is the best. Therefore, the Sperling L-1 turntable sounds mightily fine without a clamp (as per my review here). However, with the “right clamp” (I must qualify) like the VEM clamp, the projected images tightened, and with slightly more palpability, tangibility and density.
Here, Andrew Hill‘s piano holds a weightier presence, and Eddie Khan‘s bass line is more articulate and define, (even) all the way to the low frequencies. Therefore, the above amounted to better separation, more articulation at the low bass and ultimately, more energetic presentation”.