Our Local Hero, Eric Goh’s Audio System! (Part 2)

Our local hero, Eric invited me for another round of listening session at his place.

This time around, I got to listen to his newly acquired McIntosh tube amplifier MC2000 of limited edition!

I remembered listening to that McIntosh MC2000 amplifier in a ‘full McIntosh system’…it was musically enticing!

You could imagine how excited I was when I got to see it again…in a fellow audiophile’s house…so I could easily visit again and again and…(you know what I mean?)

I quickly congratulated Eric for that fine acquisition.

Here, that McIntosh MC2000 was not powering a pair of McIntosh loudspeakers but a pair of vintage JBL 4348 loudspeakers!

Disappointed? Of course NOT!

Especially when the JBL were coupled with a pair of ELAC Super Tweeters (nicknamed ‘The Mushroom’) to handle the higher high frequencies!

The mid was meaty yet well controlled, defined, extended and dynamic.

The highs were natural, sweat and extended.

The lows were bountiful, powerful and extended.

At the end of that listening session, I was reminded, treated and blessed again with that past ‘musically enticing’ experience.

Call me again, Eric!