Audio Jubilation!…with Mr.Yap

Mr.Yap has been and still very much my audiophile brother since my university days in London, England.

How time flies…a friendship that spanned more than 2 decades!

He has been an audiophile with an appetite of nostalgia. He told me once that he wished to collect every desirable piece of audio component from his days in England!

Till today, that desire still hold a flame in his heart…he is almost there (I could only guess?).

His taste in music covered multiple genres…that night of my visit to his audio room, together with my usual gang, he spun a vinyl on his TWA AC-1 Turntable with Graham Phantom Tonearm and ZYX Omega Gold MC Phono Cartridge…

A simple set up was played but the music presentation was entertaining enough to make one wondered…and wanted!

Mr.Yap told me that he has enough audio components to make up tens of set up of different colorations/characteristics.
“Why argue for a specific sound when there are others?!”, that’s his audiophile motto!

However, being a seasoned audiophile, Mr.Yap is very sensitive to ‘tonal correctness and balance!’.

I respect him very much that I will go to him whenever I am face with an ‘audio roadblock’.

Let the flame burns, brother!