Bootleg Records Volume 2


As promised, we would look at some interesting album cover artworks that were hugely popular back then. If you take the time and browse through the stacks and stacks of old records at the basement of Amcorp Mall on a Sunday morning, you will probably be there until dinner time.


I firmly believe that most of the vinyl lovers out there went through the same life affirming experience of looking at the cover art while the record was playing and thinking beautiful thoughts. This is perhaps the best reason we give when people ask why we still love these round vinyl discs so bloody much.


Exhibit A – The Hot Sound


Looking at Exhibit A – The Hot Sound and you will not be able to take your eyes off the hot girl dancing on the cover in a mini skirt. You would also fix your gaze on the nice illustration of the musicians consisting of guitar and banjo players, a drummer, a keyboardist, a melodica player and what looks like a black dude playing the electric guitar a la Hendrix. Brilliant!


Exhibit B – Dear Mrs Applebee


For Exhibit B – Dear Mrs. Applebee, I wasn’t sure earlier if it was a bootleg record at all. The label indicates that its under Atlas Records – A Philips Product, but I did my search and couldn’t find anything on both label and catalogue number. But there’s a Youtube video on the song ‘Dear Mrs Applebee’, sung by a certain David Garrick in 1966.


However, the cover is fantastic and the psychedelic look makes me want to go wear my hippie clothes and do hippie things.


Exhibit C – The Best of Santana


Exhibit C – The Best of Santana cover is actually a direct lift off from Santana 3. The man with the outstretched hand currently is the toast of Hollywood. Doesn’t that guy look like the creature from The Shape of Water?


Putting two and two together, I surmised that the film director, Guillermo del Toro, is paying homage to his Mexican roots and giving a shout out to Santana’s contribution to modern, pop music and culture.


However, the most interesting thing I want to point out is the label on the top right hand corner. For those old enough to know, the Fanfare label used to be the top bootleg/pirate seller in the 70s and 80s. I paid RM3.00 to RM3.50 countless times for cassette titles from Campbell, Pertama Complex and mom & pop music shops.


Exhibit D – Elton John Greatest Hits


Lastly, on Exhibit D, a melancholic looking Sir Elton is beautifully presented on this Greatest Hits cover by T.K.L. label. Apart from having a full head of hair, Sir Elton is also dressed in a purple t-shirt. I guess that sort of sums up everything, doesn’t it?