I was “Smoke(d)” by a member?!


I received a guest today who brought along with him some vinyl records. He shared to me that he has yet to hear these records at a ‘big’ audio system. I went through them and found among the stack the “Arnold Overtures” (RR-48 Reference Recordings). 

The guest recommended that I play the track “The Smoke”. Unknowingly I played that track at near 3 o’clock. The Gryphon Audio Kodo Loudspeakers System did not failed and actually gobsmacked us! The low low frequencies were full bloom, extended and well carried to us. My guest exclaimed that that experience was totally “out of the world”!

And he was so kind to message me the following, “Hi Dato, I was a sponge and experienced the best spa today. The music was so immersive that it massaged the soul. Thank you so much for that experience and your hospitality! Much appreciated…