At the Cross Road between Sources…(?)

Lately, I have a number of new additions/ upgrades in my audio set up; the GRYPHON AUDIO ETHOS CD player, the DS AUDIO MASTER-1 Optical Phono Cartridge & Equilizer, the BALLFINGER MP-002P R2R player, the LYNGDORF MP60 AV Processor, the SONY VPL-VW870ES Laser Projector, the FALCON LS3 /5a GOLD BADGE monitors, and the JBL L100 CLASSIC 75 ANNIVERSARY (No.8 of 750) speakers.

I found them to be both entertaining and enlightening…definitely a plus in my audio journey.

When asked which of them are the most engaging (?)

I found myself in a cross road. Even now, when I am about to go into my audio den, that question of which to play came to mind (previously the question was only which turntable to spin?)


Based on the time spent, I found the answer to lean towards the Audio Visual. However, my audio heart would lean toward the analogue…the Reel to Reel player, BALLFINGER MP-002P. Of course, my turntables are still spinning some serious tunes.