(Mr.) Andy Lam of MODERN AUDIO LIMITED/MODERN RECORDS graciously contacted me and presented me this UHQCD titled “HIFI FLAMENCO” for possible reviews. I am sure CD collectors/audiophile around the world may have awared of the above-mentioned title and some may even owned it already,…I have the CD (JVC Japanese Pressing) some years ago.

UHQCD is by MEMORY TECH CORPORATION (JAPAN) and its made using PHOTOPOLYMER to perfectly replicate the stamper, instead of the usual Polycarbonate for the normal CD.

On top of it, the UHQCD applies High-Transparency Polycarbonate (for LCD panels), and a unique (and expensive) Alloy of High Reflectivity as the reflective layer.

In addition, this album is produced with MQA encoding that will sound better than its CD version even on a normal CD player. However, given an MQA equipped CD player, the MQA’s ‘MUSIC ORIGAMI‘ process will expose and present the ‘full and rich studio sound’ .

Admittedly, I do not have an MQA equipped CD player. I played the UHQCD through the VITUS AUDIO MASTERPIECE CD Transport MP-T201 and DAC MP-D201. Immediately, the vividness, palpability, density, weight and image specifity of the artists and their instruments struck me!


I did not remember hearing that from the CD version.

Equally impressive was the soundstage…it was huge, spacious, airy and enveloping. The dynamic, stomp, bang and bass were there ‘there’ and in real time pace.

UHQCD HIFI FLAMENCO is a ‘Statement Achievement’ for the CD, and a Great Demo Disc…

!!!Highly Recommended!!!