Work in Progress, and Learning…ALWAYS!(?)

I cannot rest while there are still things to explore“,…I like to move things around in my audio system in the hope of squeezing another ounce of performance from it. However, it is not always the case…more often than I care to count, the total performance dipped. And my wife will like to say to me…”waste of time“.

At least I have learnt not to do that“,…my standard reply and consolation…and its quite fun (as long as nothing is broken)

The LS3/5a mini monitors (FALCON and GRAHAM) have been my learning tool and an enjoyment ever since they came into my listening den. I moved them around to identify the better positions within my listening den, for better texture, expression, projection, imaging, soundstage and scape. Surprisingly, these mini monitors can and able to project a sizable and almost believable soundstage with defined and delineated imaging. However, I must qualify, they are not ‘plug and play’ mini monitors to achieve the abovementioned qualities. Some cares and patience are required,…hence, the learning tool and an enjoyment.