TELOS AUDIO DESIGN – BRANDA SIGNATURE Speaker Cable…Luxurious Sound Quality?

A few years ago I was really impressed with TELOS AUDIO DESIGN (Taiwan) Active Grounding System (review available here)…so much so that I bought three (3) units for my entire audio set up. Till today, they are still active in my set up!

Therefore, Jeff Lin, the head honcho of Telos Audio Design, knowing that I like the sound quality of his products, decided to send me the BRANDA SIGNATURE Speaker Cables (3m pair at €3,300). In the following communique, he hinted to me that I would like the result of the speaker cables,…and that I be surprised.

A buddy of mine, Mr. Yap saw the speaker cables when they arrived, and immediately asked for a loan with a promise to write the review. The review was not written but only a few pointers about the sound quality of the speaker cables (sorry Jeff).

Only recently, I asked the return of this speaker cables…Yap reluctantly returned them. Why? He did not talk about the speaker cables for the past few years,…I assumed he did not really like them.

I was dead wrong!

It turned out that he really liked them and wanted to buy them (until he was informed of the price…)

At my set up, I connected the BRANDA SIGNATURE Speaker Cables between the ROGUE AUDIO APOLLO Mono Tube Amplifier and the FALCON BBC LS3/5a GOLD BADGE Mini Monitors.

Now, I know why(?) Yap liked them…

The FALCON BBC LS3/5a GOLD BADGE sounded so open,…with a soundstage that was almost border-less,…enveloping me with bountiful airiness, as if I was breathing the same air with the artists/musicians at the recording venue.

The highs were easy on the ears,…refined and luxurious…warm and yet no indication of roll-off.

The mids were weighted, bountiful and catchy at the same time…indicating good tempo.

The lows were equally weighted, rounded and defined (of course within the confine of the FALCON LS3/5a GOLD BADGE).

Later I will try them at my reference loudspeaker, the GRYPHON AUDIO KODO.